Indian Nationals 2019 - Team

Meet the members of the Organising Team

Speaker 3

Abhijit A J

He was the co-founder of SNU Open and SNUbik's(Cubing club in SNU) and was an OC member of SNU Open 2017 and 2018. He heads the Venue and Logistics department in Organising Committee. He is a responsible person and knows how to get things done. In his free time, he loves teaching and learning new stuff.

Speaker 1

Akash Rupela

A member of the WCA Quality Assurance Committee and the Senior Delegate for West Asia, has experience of attending all Nationals so far and 80 competitions, as well as delegating over 50 competitions.

Speaker 4

Dhruv Arora

Organized 3 competitions in Punjab, making him one of the youngest established organizers in the country. Achieved significant media coverage for his competitions. Also has an experience of 3 nationals and 19 competitions.

Speaker 2

Hemang Sarkar

One of the oldest organizers in Delhi and founding members of Capital Cubing. A very creative and technically skilled individual, has made significant contributions to cubing in Delhi, having an experience of 19 competitions.

Speaker 3

Kunal Oak

Member of WCA Marketing Team. Led the official cubing club in his school and organized big unofficial competitions. Regularly works in marketing, leads design for Delhi competitions and has an experience of 2 nationals and 20 competitions.

Speaker 3

Piyush Passi

A very talented designer and a very responsible team member, has made hundreds of designs used in competitions already and also led live streaming of SNU Open 2018. Has an experience of 29 competitions.

Speaker 3

Prabhnoor Virk

She is a second-year Mathematics student and one of the present Associate Secretary of the Mathematics Society. She has been an active volunteer in SNU Open 2018 and heads the Travel and Accommodation Department in the OC. She is very enthusiastic and vocal and in her free time enjoys to draw and sketch.

Speaker 6

Prakshal Jain

A very enthusiastic organizer, organized LOTM & DCHW and led announcements and other tasks in various competitions. Also works with ‘CRY’ and ‘Womenite’ and has event organization experience besides his 10 WCA competitions.

Speaker 3

Praneet Srivastava

He is the current Secretary of the Mathematics Society and is a third-year mathematics student. A cubing enthusiast, he has experience organising cubing competitions, having been an integral part of the OCs for SNU Open 2017 and 2018.

Speaker 3

Sanjana Srinivasan

She is a student of the mathematics department. She loves taking up responsibilities and participating in any event she can. Sanjana is also known to be a wonderful singer and enjoys writing poems too. She is part of the Finance and Sponsorship department of the OC.

Speaker 5

Shivam Gupta

One of the most renowned designers, has made significant contributions in design and creative departments of competitions in Delhi. Attended 11 competitions officially and also volunteered in more without participating.

Speaker 3

Shubham Kumar

A WCA Delegate before he resigned. One of the most disciplined and skilled organizers in the country, with experience of leading workflow in huge competitions like Nationals 2016, and a total experience of 24 competitions.

Speaker 3

Siddharth Koduri

He was an active volunteer for SNU Open 2017 and 2018. Heading the Travel and Accommodation department in the OC. He is also a Teaching Assistant for two maths courses and likes to code.

Speaker 3

Somya Bansal

She was a volunteer for SNU Open 2017 and currently holds the position of the Treasurer of the Mathematics Society of SNU. She is an extremely enthusiastic and outspoken person and heads the Finance and Sponsorship department in the OC. She also enjoys taking part in social work during her free time.

Speaker 3

Ujjawal Pabreja

A very passionate delegate and organizer, already delegated competitions in 3 countries. Consistently makes lot of arrangements for every competition to ensure nothing goes wrong, with a total experience of 28 competitions.